The health and safety of our staff and customers is a top priority for Uniforms By Julie. Below you will find information on our cleaning procedures moving forward. 


Dressing Rooms: 

  • Dressing Rooms will be frequently cleaned

  • Items that have been tried on must be left in the dressing room. An associate will collect those and place them in a separate area. 

  • All clothing that has been tried on will be quarantined, then placed back on the floor 


  • We are accepting returns per our return policy. 

  • All returns will be quarantined and then placed back on the floor. 

General Cleaning: 

  • We are cleaning high traffic areas ( doors, credit card key pad, counters) regularly throughout the day. 

  • We are doing our best to clean counters and credit card key pads after each use, however this can difficult when we are busy. If you would like the key pad cleaned before you use it, just let us know and we will be glad to clean it! 

  • We are limiting our restroom use. 

Cleaning Supplies: 

  • We strive to clean without harsh chemicals, therefore we use Young Living's Thieves Cleaning Line. Here are the items we us in our store:

    • Thieves Household Cleaner​

    • Thieves Hand Soap

    • Thieves Hand Sanitizer (these are behind our counter) 

    • Thieves Wipes

    • Thieves Essential Oil & Diffuser ( instead of air-fresheners and candles) 

  • Many of you have asked how you can purchase these items. You can purchase them HERE. We have also put together a video walking you through the ordering process. You can find that HERE