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Barco® purpose has been, and always will be to enhance the lives of those who wear their beautifully designed professional apparel curated with purposeful innovation.  This has been their passion for over 90 years…Made to Matter.

Barco Uniform's creates popular lines such as: Grey's Anatomy™ Edge, Grey's Anatomy™ Impact, Grey's Anatomy™ Signature, Grey's Anatomy™, Barco® One Wellness, Barco® One, and Skechers by Barco®


Cherokee apparel has been known for comfort and fashion since 1972. This ready-to-wear heritage shapes the way we approach designing and manufacturing medical uniforms and accessories; it has helped our brand become the overwhelming favorite of healthcare workers everywhere.

Cherokee is dedicated to bringing fashion, comfort and quality—as well as a little more style and personality—to uniforms without sacrificing the functionality you need to do your job.

Cherokee creates popular brands such as: Cherokee Workwear, Cherokee Revolution, Infinity by Cherokee, Form by Cherokee, and HeartSoul. 

Healing Hands

In 1997, the idea for Healing Hands was starting in an intensive care unit. Founder Bansi Lakhani suffered a massive heart attack and was recovering from open-hear surgery. He thought " If these nurses are providing such wonderful patient care already, imagine the possibilities of better patient care, resulting from the happiness of wearing luxurious uniforms. Ones that make them feel good, look good, perform well, and require no ironing or extra care. I promised myself I'd do something to repay them."

Healing Hands creates popular lines such as: HH Works, Purple Label, Purple Label Camo, 360 and Limited Edition



In 2006, in a small cramped L.A. apartment, Koi was started with a simple mission. Make scrubs people love to wear.

Scrubs that are super functional, but also fashion forward. Flattering to wear. And ultra comfortable, even when you’re working those extra long shifts.

If you have to wear scrubs to work, shouldn’t they make you look and feel amazing?

Koi creates popular lines such as: Betsey Johnson Scrubs, Koi Basics, Koi Classics, Koi Lite, Koi Stretch, and Tokidoki by Koi


Uniforms By Julie is proud to stock some of the most popular scrubs brands on the market. Browse below to get a better idea of what we have to offer. Are you having trouble deciding on a purchase? Give us a call, one of our product experts will be happy to lend you a hand and answer any questions you may have.

MED COUTURE-7459-7739-INDIGO (1).jpg

Med Courture 

For those who live the #Scrublife and want the perfect balance between performance and personality, we offer scrubwear that fits in every way. Only Med Couture balances fit, fabric, function, fashion, and feel to create stylish, comfortable scrubwear that reflects each wearer’s unique identity—so they can live their best #Scrublife every day.


Since 1938, Landau has been one of the most trusted makers of scrubs. Today they continue this legacy by offering a wide range of value-driven products that are practical, durable, stylish, and designed to support medical professionals not just on every shirt, but at every stage of their careers. 

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